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  1. Isaac Taylor says:

    I love your art and would love to hang a group of you superhero s in one picture behind my deck in my office. Any ideas what i would have to do to get that. I know you are super busy, so if a page from invincible is easier that would be pretty awesome to.

  2. Ainsley says:

    Hey, just wanted to say that i think your drawings are awesome, especially invincible, my favorite comic book, you and Rob rock, anyway, I’ve been trying to draw some of the characters from invincible, never get anywhere, but i’m only 15 and i hope when im older im as good as you..is that even possible? any tips on how to become…well awesome at drawing?

  3. Jim Murtaugh says:

    Hi Ryan, love Invincible and would like to buy a page. I clicked on the provided link and see only one double page for sale at that site. Any other options? Thanks, Jim

  4. Dear Sir,
    Can you a color print of Atom Eve of the invincinle in her costume.If you can do it just tell me how much with the shipping also your home address too.I hope you take moneyorders.Please write back.
    Take Care

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