Published work

Digital Webbing Presents anthology
issue 5, short story
Issue 8, short story
Issue 12, short story
Issue 20, short story

Freakshow(Digital Webbing Press)
Issue 1, short story and cover
Issue 2, cover

Ted Noodleman Bicycle delivery boy TPB(Alias Entertainment)
Cover and many short stories

OzF5: Gale force(Alias Entertainment)
Cover and interiors

Chucky (Devil’s Due)
Issue 1, Cover B

Superman/Batman Annual (DC comics)
Issue 1, Interiors

Invincible(Image comics)
Current work since 2003 starting with issue 8.
14 trade paperbacks
6Hard covers

The Walking Dead issue 50 cover b, inks

The Walking Dead, short story, issue 75 pencils

The astounding Wolfman(image comics)
Issue 3, Cover B

Death Grub #1– 24 hour comic. Writing and art.

Brit(Image comics)
Issue 1, Cover B
Issue 7, Cover
Issue 8, Cover
Issue 9, Cover
Issue 10, cover
Issue 11, cover
Issue 12, cover

Fablewood Anthology(Ape Entertainment)
Issue 1, short story

The Comics Journal cover #289

HAUNT pencils 1-5, Covers 1, 2, 3, 5, and 13.  Digital inks by Todd McFarlane

Sea Bear and Grizzly Shark #1- writing and art for grizzly Shark.