I drew this with my 4 year old son a couple weeks ago . He asked me to draw HULK. The only drawing tools he had were two big fat crayons and one pencil that was cinnamon scented, which was odd but pleasing at the same time. If I was 4 I would probably have tasted it. Luckily my son is smarter than I.

Here’s some Invincible stuff.  Can’t wait for Viltrumite WAR?  Meeee tooo.

And here’s a page from Invincible 70. I did the whole issue in exactly 10 days, I had to rush it. Not giving excuses just giving you a fun fact. It was rushed of course because at the time I was working on my last issue of Haunt as well.  Each issue of Haunt was about 2 weeks also so you can imagine how happy I am  to not have two books to worry about anymore. I am so sick of drawing fast so it’s nice to only have Invincible to work on for now. I spent more time on Invincible returns, and issue 71 is a blast so far as well, I’m going at a rate of a page a day. Which isn’t helping our lateness but once I get to some easy pages it should go faster. We’ll get back on time people, don’t you worry.



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11 Responses to Crayon Hulk and INV stuff

  1. nout says:

    If I were 4 & my dad could do that with crayons and a cinnamon-flavoured pencil…
    He’s a lucky kid!

    Anyway, as always, the work more than speaks for itself. Though I must admit, red-faced, to not being up on Invincible (I think I’m about 3 TPs behind) the awesomeness is there, all I need is the time to catch up!
    (also: my wife has read all of ’em up to 11 & loves it too!)

  2. Brian says:

    That’s awesome stuff. You rushing through pages is better than a lot of guys taking their dear sweet time my friend. I’m glad you’re back at a more manageable workload though. I enjoyed Haunt but Invincible is my favorite ongoing by far.

    Also I cannot wait until my son is asking me to draw the Hulk. Cinnamon pencil or no, that would be killer! Right now he just asks me to draw lightning mcqueen which kind of sucks to draw. Hopefully he’ll start asking for Iron Giant or Incredibles soon, a lot more fun to draw for sure!

  3. […] artist Ryan Ottley shares a pin-up of the Hulk he created for his four-year-old son with the only tools he had on hand — "two big fat crayons and […]

  4. Rigger says:

    Knocking out a whole issue in 10 day’s…Astounding.

  5. Robert says:

    Your stuff is epic man, can’t wait to see you at Comic Con, only 142 days away. God I’m a nerd for knowing that.

  6. Pierre says:

    Oh, crayon Hulk is gorgeous! Not kidding, that is fantastic. LOVE it.
    On a totally unrelated note: please please PLEASE be sure to make it to NYCC!

  7. wizardface says:

    man, your pages are so dynamic! its kind of easy to lose sight of that in full color.

  8. Man! Two weeks! Two books in a month! Hulk with crayons! Your killing the rest of us here! Great work, seriously.

  9. maham says:

    I think you are one of the gods on the earth ……. i learn lots of things every time i watch ur arts … and i am copying them to learn (if you dont mind 😀 ) ….. please keep uploading … thanks very much

  10. BrikHed says:

    don’t knock the cinnamon pencil until you have tasted it

  11. I think you’d sell twice as much original art if it all smelled like cinnamon. Love that hulk sketch.

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