I’m back. C2E2 was awesome, hopefully more people show up next year since it was light on attendance. But it was still an enjoyable con and plenty of Invincible fans showed up at the booth and showed their support. Invincible has some very enthusiastic fans, you guys are amazing. It’s always a pleasure. I apologize if you catch me when I’m tired and un-talkative or so knee-deep in a drawing I lose my ability to speak.  So yeah, just keep bugging me and I’ll come around.

Here’s the commissions I did, and some sketch cards. These are not ALL I did so if you got one from me please send me scan if you can. I’d love to have it to show it off. These ones are all taken by my cell phone, I forgot to take pics of all of them. Sigh.

Here’s a Creature commission.

Allen the Alien lookin like Rick Grimes. This commission was done on an Image United cover. These things totally suck to draw on.

Atome Eve commission.

Good Ol’ Haunt commission on an Image United sketch cover. Did I mention these things suck to draw on?

Here’s some crappy photos of some of the sketch cards I did. I must have put my phone too close.


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11 Responses to Back from Chicago, here's what I drew.

  1. That last one of Invincible’s mom is the bees knees.

  2. Juan Delgado says:

    meeting you at C2E2 was amazing, hopefully you come again to Chicago so this time I will definitely get a Commision from you.

  3. magZ says:

    i hope that Allen the alien is mine . I requested that exact same thing at ECCC .Looks awesome !!! Wounder what are the best covers to draw on ?

  4. Xanclavious says:

    Them’s some kick ass pics, even the image united covers. Varnished paper sucks to draw on.
    I was the fuzzy bald guy that could barely mumble Agstrom Levy as my jumping on point. I believe that was my 1st deer in headlights fanboy moment.

    Bye the bye, awesome sketchbook and no I didn’t forget about the cool stickers. The bear is forever fused to my drawing table. Thanks for coming out.

  5. Xanclavious says:

    Oh, yeah. That Allen is frikkin tits^.^

  6. Rigger says:

    Great stuff, as always. Eve is smoking hot. Awesome texturing on the creature. Shades of Arthur Adams :)

  7. FranciX says:

    That creature looks like Art Adams! Great!

  8. Brian says:

    I’ll get my herobear scanned and sent to you sometime this weekend…

  9. Neil Hill says:

    Love all of the sketches and illo’s! Kind of shocking that C2E2 was so sparse on attendance, but many are reporting that this was due to the immense size of the venue. Maybe there are just too darned many conventions these days, and people are on overload? Doubtful, but could be. Especially with C2E2 being so close to Heroes Con, and then SDCC in July.

  10. Chris says:

    Thanks for that Spider-Man sketch card, Ryan! I love it! I have it sitting on my drawing desk at home.

  11. matt! says:

    ryan, we need you to color your own book. your sketches are like my favorite art in the world. i’d love love love to see this looser style on some interiors.

    in the meantime, keep up the good work.

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