The time is finally here! After 2 years of tireless sketching, inking and coloring, my sketchbook for 2011, “Violence & Pinwheels” is now available for you to order online!

Violence & Pinwheels

72 Color and Black & White pages

Hardcover binding with spot varnish for extra delicious presentation

Includes: Invincible and Haunt Covers, penciled and inked pages, character designs,  fan sketches and commissions and Draw Night doodles!

Each book is autographed!

These are selling fast, so pick yours up today!

US: $25 + $7 Shipping and Handling

Canada and Mexico: $25 + $13 Shipping and Handling

International: $25 + $15 Shipping and Handling

And to soften the blow of those pesky USPS shipping charges, I’ll include a signed Invincible comic of my choosing into your package.

PAYPAL order buttons are on the left there. Click em’!





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16 Responses to 2011 Sketchbook: Violence & Pinwheels

  1. MILAD says:

    PAYPAL’s got no Iran in the list of its countries… that’S MOST UNFAIIIR!!! :((((

  2. Conna says:

    AHH must have this!!

    looks super cool

  3. hiRyan!
    if I wanted to take two copies that you send internationally, I have to pay shipping twice?

  4. Kyla D. says:

    Sweet! Just ordered mine and can’t wait to what’s inside!

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  6. Rigger says:

    Looks like it’s time to smash the piggie bank.

  7. Lorenzo Garcia says:

    WOO!!! Ordered up and gabbed to the world. Can’t wait to behold this beaut!

  8. Dan says:

    Umm, i just ordered the book, but it did not state when i’ll receive it. So, about how long does it take for it to be shipped to me?

  9. Dogfish says:

    Got the book and extra comic, all signed and awesome!

    thanks Ryan! keep it up~

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  11. Brad says:

    Got my book yesterday! Great job getting that put together, it’s beautiful. Thanks Ryan.

  12. Ogi says:

    Just got the sketchbook, great imagination in there, super inspirational. Keep it up! (and thanks for the #61)

  13. Mark says:

    Got my sketchbook today! Thanks Ryan. Awesome art as always!

  14. Dallas Walpole says:

    Hey Ryan thanks for putting this book out I love your art style. Very excited to get it.

  15. Ed Eargle says:

    Got mine a while back and meant to comment in here. Sorry I’m late…and stuff. You know I digs your work, man. Nothing’s changed. Still dig it!

  16. Lauren Weilnau says:

    I ordered my copy Nov 14th, and still have not receieved it or heard anything about it. When can I be expecting it?

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