Cover for the next hard cover, this has a release date of February 15th!  Here’s a process scan of how I do things. Layout on Cintiq in that first pic. Then I print it out in blueline, and do finished pencils and inks on bristol board. I always have a hard time with these covers, they are always packed with everyone from the issues so it’s tough to get any kind of composition. Here I tried to organize things a little bit but with keeping the same idea of all the other covers.

And here’s the final inks.

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6 Responses to INVINCIBLE 7 hard cover

  1. Allen says:

    Real good, Ryan. It’s so insane the amount of work you put into this. I can only imagine. Invincible in the second frame looks cool. I know you must get this all the time, but what blue pencil do you use (any specific brand)? Regards.

  2. Edwin Rosell says:

    Great work! Always cool to see other artists’ process. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Jay W. says:

    Wow – it’s amazing to hear you say that you have trouble with these. Every one of them has been just excellent. Terrific and complicated layouts that are well executed. Someday I would love to pick up an art book by you that has all of these collected. I can’t afford to keep picking up all of the books!

    Nice work, seriously.

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  5. Shawn Daley says:

    Your work always blows me away. You should do an AMA (question and answer session) on Reddit’s comic book section sometime. There’s likely tons of people who would love to pick your brain about your work and the industry.

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