BOOTH # 2729. I’ll have a full table, my buddy Derek Hunter will be helping me out with sales and stuff. He does art for Adventure Time for Cartoon Network and will be moving to LA to work in their offices after this con. He’ll have comics and will do some commissions as well if you want! But mainly he’s my helper to abuse as I please until he’s officially moved to LA. So eff that guy.

Probably my last year for a while for Comicon, gonna do some different cons next year instead. I’ve never done exclusive con prints before, they’ve always been my covers turned into prints. So this year I thought I’d do one up all special-like, I’ll post a peek of it in my gallery soon. I’ll also have my sketchbook from last year and of course tons of original art from Invincible and I’ll be doing sketches and commissions. The way I do commissioned art is you come to me and ask for a sketch or commission, I put your name on a list, you pay me and tell me who you’d like me to draw. Then I finish drawing it that night to bring back the next day. I wont be taking many large commissions, mostly pencils sketches. If you want one, come early as possible. Sorry if my lists fill up, happens every year, but i have original art from the series that’s even cheaper than sketches or commissions. So be happy! Prices below.

Prints 20
sketches (8×11 pencil head sketch) 75
Commissions (11×17 fully inked and colored.) 400
Sketchbook 25
Original art prices are in folders.


Here’s a sneak peek at my new exclusive convention print!

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  1. Kyla says:

    Come to Toronto next year!!!

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