Heroes con was unbelievably awesome. It has so much talent there, I met some of my favorite artists, met some great fans of Invincible. Perfect con to go to, I might go again next year. We’ll see. And of course the southern food was great, I love me some Chili mac!  My next and last con of this year is San Diego Comicon! Can’t wait.
Last night was draw night, only 5 people showed up, it was nice and small. First up we got Batman, I didn’t want to post this but I figured I should post everything I do at draw night, good and bad. And it’s kinda bad, I messed up his waist/legs. I inked over a very quickly done Batman sketch I did and this was the result. I think mainly the waist is misplaced and elongated. Ah well.


Just some crazy drawings, I was havin fun finishing these with ink and gray markers.

What is under that dudes tie?!?

And lastly but not leastly, I did this sketch as kind of an ad of what’s to come. At Heroes con I shared a Hotel with Jason Howard, artist of the Astounding Wolf-man, and we came up with this concept we are thinking about doing. It was fun to just brainstorm this stuff, check it out. It’ll be the most exciting crossover that’s ever happened! heh.



I’m off to Heroes con in Charlotte North Carolina tomorrow. So if you’re going, you should come say hi. Robert Kirkman will also be there in the same area. Maybe I’ll have something more to post on next Wednesday. We’ll see. See ya! Here’s a few things for ya!

A panel from Invincible 50, pencils and inks by me.

Pencils to inks

Here’s a panel from Invincible 50, the Cecil Steadman story. Penciled by me, inked by Cliff Rathburn, and colored by Kelsey Shannon.


Here is the last Brit cover I did out of six. Go buy Brit! It’s great! Issue 7 comes out the beginning of July. Cover pencils and inks by me, colors by Kelsey Shannon.

Moment of silence, shhhhhhhhUT UP!



He-man versus Collosor! I never even heard of Collosor before I did this commission, and I watched all the TV shows, collected tons of the toys. I enjoyed drawing this thing though, copic and prisma markers were used. Also white ink as a finishing touch.



Did a draw night last night. I haven’t drawn Pitt forever so I decided to try it out. Not TOO happy with how it turned out, I need to punch it up a bit if I decide to draw him again. I can’t imagine drawing this dude all the time though, that would suck. WAY too many fricken chains for my taste. The second sketch is just some old dude off the top of my head. Kind of a light draw night.

Turn your head and cough




I attended draw night on Tuesday, and I drew some scary ladies. Monster scary, and holding a gun that could blow off your head scary. Feel free to visually partake.

She's purty

She's scurry.


Well I hate giving attention to hackers because I know they LOVE hearing about repercussions of their mischief. But I thought I should let people know my Gmail and DeviantArt site have been hacked into and taken over and password changed, I’ve contacted both and so far my Deviant site is banned for the time being and Gmail is being looked into. But in the meantime if you get an e-mail from my Gmail just ignore it, it’s not me. And if you watch me on Deviant, I miss YOU. I love Deviant and it’s sad to see it go for now but hopefully the folks at Deviant can get things straightened up soon. And I would like to say to the hacker that so far he’s been pretty polite, he posted some stick figure drawing on my site and SO many people thought it was just me joking around, I couldn’t believe how many people posted and joked along with the drawing. I got more comments and views on that one than I have on any other REAL drawing of mine in a long time! So…thanks? Well unless he did MORE that I don’t know of yet, and that’s why I’m banned? I don’t know. Hopefully I find out more soon enough.
No drawing to post for now but if you dig podcasts check out this new one here>  GEEKSHOW

It’s a local podcast from here in Utah, some super cool people are doing it. Hosted by Kerry Jackson (a DJ from X96),    Jeff Vice (Film critic, Deseret News), and fellow draw night homie Derek Hunter (Comic book and movie artist) and a few others that I haven’t met yet so I forget. Sorry!

But I thought it was a lot of fun, nice reviews of comics and movies. I dug it. They do talk a little how we went to see Indiana, and yeah it was awesome. I nitpicked the way they handled the magnetism throughout the film, which is silly of me because there is SO much more that easily could be nitpicked like the fridge scene, the monkeys, but suspension of disbelief is a must for this film. Just rewind your age a decade or two while watching and you’ll love it! They didn’t speak to highly of Speedracer though, I’ve heard how BAD it is from a lot of people online, but based on Robert Kirkman’s enthusiasm, also Alan Tew and a couple other friends I know I NEED to go see this movie and just soak it in.

Go check Robert Kirkman’s blog, he posted a panel from issue 52 and gives a report on our lateness. I know issue 50 is horribly late and it’s FINALLY coming out June 18th. So sad. But good it finally has a release date! We should be back on some kinda track soon.

Here’s the cover to 54, colored by Bill Crabtree.

Stay owt of tha thyme streem Invincible!

I’m happy with this one, I loved drawing it and I loved seeing what Fco Plascencia did with the cover colors. You’ll be seeing more of this guy soon. I really can’t wait to draw this issue, Nolan and Allen kickin butt together? How cool is that?


kyll dem robuts

Here’s some covers for ya.  I don’t know when the 4th hard cover is coming out, but here’s the cover for it, colors by Bill Crabtree. And here is the cover for Brit 11, with colors by Kelsey Shannon.

I wanna say thanks to everyone at the Emerald city comicon, I had tons of fun and those who run the con run it well, they kept me fed and helped out when needed. Thanks guys! And thanks to the fans, it was great to see SO many Invincible fans there, it’s definitely overwhelming seeing this book grow in readership. Robert, Bill, and I were slammed all weekend and we loved every minute of it. I really appreciate those that waited hours in line just for me, it’s flattering to say the least.  So thanks! If you got a sketch from me I’d love to have a hi-res scan of it to possibly put it into a future Invincible trade paperback sketch section. Of course the non-Invincible stuff I’d like a scan of also to maybe put it into a personal future sketchbook of mine. So send them in if you have a scanner will ya? Thanks.

Hard Cover 4 cover

Brit 11 cover

Emerald city con is this weekend. I’ll be bringing a bunch of original pages, a binder filled with original sketches, draw night sketches, and character designs, ALSO these Marvel cards I get to sell, posted below. I’ll be doing sketches also. The whole Invincible team will be there, Robert Kirkman, Bill Crabtree and I will be there both days. And we’ll sign anything you bring, so see you there.


marvel cards