Been a minute! Sorry about the quietness around here. I’ll be a bit louder.

So Invincible 101 came out last week, hope you all dug it! 102 is in the can(and it is awesome, can’t wait for you to read it!) and I’m working on 103 right now. Ive been so busy that my and James Harren’s blog The BOG has been unattended for a while, but we do work on pieces for it when we can. I can’t get enough of drawing monsters and weird stuff, so the wait won’t be long.
Also I’m always working on side projects, they go slow since Invincible takes up all of my time. Which I’m fine with, Invincible is great, but side projects that I write will always be on my brain and in production. I’ll let you all know what’s up when it gets closer to fruition.

Been a while since I updated so here’s an interview I did with CBR>

Now on with some pics! Here’s a photo from a panel at ECCC. Charlie Adlard and I doing gun hands while looking at new covers from SKybound. And the rest is a giant art post of Invincible covers, sketches, and a few Creatures I posted over at The Bog. Thanks for stopping by!



Drawing for The BOG!

Drawing for The BOG!











For MOVEMBER I am going to be part of an awesome fundraising party happening this Saturday at, November 3rd from 7pm to midnight. A few of us local artists will be drawing on a wall, trying to fill it up with whatever comes to mind. I will be doing some live tweeting but if you can, come down and support the event, grab a grilled cheese, kick back and watch me and my friends scribble rad stuff on walls for hours! I’m super excited, its always a challenge drawing large, so this will be a fun interesting experiment.

1036 Ft. Union Blvd., Midvale, Utah 84047

Here’s all the info from the site!

For the month of November Melty Way in Midvale has teamed up with Movember, a charity that raises money to make a difference in the future of men’s health. These generous donations support prostate cancer and testicular cancer initiatives. All funds are directed to programs run directly by Movember and their men’s health partners, the Prostate Cancer Foundation and Lance Armstrong’s LIVESTRONG Foundation.

Melty Way will be raising money through it’s change for change program for the entire month of November starting with an all day fundraising launch party. The Movember launch party will take place at the Melty Way restaurant Saturday November 3rd from 10:30am-10:00pm. All profits for the day plus additional patron contributions will be donated to Movember. Local artists including Brandon Dayton, Ryan Ottley, Alan Tew, and Damian Dayton are donating their time and talents to create live Movember themed art inside the restaurant walls that evening. DJ Y.E.T.I. is furthering the cause by bringing his musical talent to provide the perfect tunes for the night.

Live art and music starts at 7:00pm.


Happy to be a guest at New York Comic Con this year. I’ve never been, so I’m pretty excited to see what the second largest American con looks like!
I will be doing pencil head sketches for 80, and I’ll have merch at the table, lots of original art, some prints.
I’ll be in Artist Alley table R1 right by Jason Howard and Nate Bellegarde.
Just so you know, I’ll be late Thursday due to my plane getting in after the con starts. But I’ll be there the rest of the time. And I’ll probably do a couple panels if my nerves don’t freak out too hard on me. So see you there!

Here’s some arts so this isn’t just a talkie post!
This is the cover to Invincible 99! My pencils and inks, and Colors by John Rauch.


Hey there.

On Jack Kirby’s birthday, many artists woke up that morning and did a drawing as a tribute to him. The drawings are to be auctioned off and all proceeds go to the Hero Initiative to help comic creators in need. Something that I thought was unique about Jack was he designed SO much. Made up so many of his own characters and creatures. So I thought for mine I’d draw whatever I felt like drawing, just have fun with it, which usually is a monster of some kind or another. No known characters. Might not sell as well as the others since most people want a known character, someone they are fans of. But if you dig my art and want to own an original, check out the link. Place a bid. Thanks.


So my shelf in my office holding all my Invincible stock is starting to lean, I’m worried it’s going to fall and ruin some books, and my life. So please, take them off my shelf, 20% off this week only. Sale code is SHELFSAVER. My store is on the right of this blog post. Or click here>
Also my new print is also in the store, INVINCI-BABIES! See below.


BOOTH # 2729. I’ll have a full table, my buddy Derek Hunter will be helping me out with sales and stuff. He does art for Adventure Time for Cartoon Network and will be moving to LA to work in their offices after this con. He’ll have comics and will do some commissions as well if you want! But mainly he’s my helper to abuse as I please until he’s officially moved to LA. So eff that guy.

Probably my last year for a while for Comicon, gonna do some different cons next year instead. I’ve never done exclusive con prints before, they’ve always been my covers turned into prints. So this year I thought I’d do one up all special-like, I’ll post a peek of it in my gallery soon. I’ll also have my sketchbook from last year and of course tons of original art from Invincible and I’ll be doing sketches and commissions. The way I do commissioned art is you come to me and ask for a sketch or commission, I put your name on a list, you pay me and tell me who you’d like me to draw. Then I finish drawing it that night to bring back the next day. I wont be taking many large commissions, mostly pencils sketches. If you want one, come early as possible. Sorry if my lists fill up, happens every year, but i have original art from the series that’s even cheaper than sketches or commissions. So be happy! Prices below.

Prints 20
sketches (8×11 pencil head sketch) 75
Commissions (11×17 fully inked and colored.) 400
Sketchbook 25
Original art prices are in folders.


Here’s a sneak peek at my new exclusive convention print!